Hello New in Switzerland?

Basic insurance is mandatory for all the people with residence in Switzerland. According to the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG) every person has to insure himself within three months of their entry into the country. 


Basic insurance provides cover in the event of illness, accident and maternity. The healthcare law defines clearly which treatments are paid for by basic insurance. Sanagate offers three different options of basic insurance which makes it possible for you to benefit from a discount in premium. 


To cover the additional costs, Sanagate offers a range of products concerning hospital or ambulant supplementary insurances. 


In basic insurance there is a cost sharing, consisting of franchise and deductible.By increasing the franchise voluntarily the monthly premium lowers– another opportunity to benefit from a discount. 


Get in contact with Sanagate and take advantage of many benefits and possibilities to economize. Calculate your personal premium and get your healthcare in just a few steps.



Please note

English is not an official language of Sanagate, therefore only a few pages are available in your chosen language. If you need further documents, which are not provided through this link, you may choose between the native languages of Switzerland (German, French or Italian). Thanks for understanding. 

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