Supplementary insurance

Outpatient insurance:

Outpatient insurance supplements the basic insurance and closes gaps in your basic medical care.



Under basic insurance, only stays in the general ward of a recognised hospital featuring on the cantonal hospital list are insured. Hospitalisation insurance gives you freedom of choice.


Alternative Insurance:

Today, more and more people wish to supplement classical medicine with alternative forms of treatment. Thanks to the wide choice it offers, alternative insurance is the ideal way to do so.


Dental Care Insurance:

Dental Care Insurance protects your budget from the high cost of dental treatment. It contributes to all costs for treatments that are not covered by basic insurance and outpatient insurance.


Accidental Death or Disability Insurance:

An accident resulting in tragic consequences such as death or disability leads to immense suffering and often causes severe financial problems. Accidental Death or Disability Insurance at least helps to mitigate the financial consequences, and protects you against costs that you cannot afford. 


Illness-Related Death or Disability Insurance:

A serious illness always causes suffering. When it has tragic consequences such as disability or even death, it can often cause financial problems on top of everything else. Under Illness-Related Death or Disability Insurance, the insured capital covers your loss of earnings if you become disabled or protects your survivors against financial difficulties if you die.